Bruce Trail User’s Guide

Bruce Trail Side Trail

Your most up-to-date guide for safe hiking on Peninsula trails, the Peninsula Day Hike Guide provides the following information:

• A set of 8 maps at scale 1:50,000 showing the main Bruce Trail and all side trails from Wiarton to Tobermory.

• The maps were created using current GPS and GIS technology in co-operation with the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

• Dozens of linear and loop hikes are described for short or all-day outings. See samples below.

• Linear hikes follow only the main (white-blazed) Bruce Trail, starting at one point and ending at another.

• Loop hikes combine side trails (blue blazes) with the main Trail to begin and end at the same access.

• Note that hikes can be traveled in the opposite direction as described, but take extra care to watch for signs and blazes.

• Over 40 access points, as well as parking areas, and on-trail campsites are shown.

• In addition to the length, hikes are given ratings for level of difficulty.

• Safety tips and suggestions for getting the most enjoyment from your Day Hike experience.

• Locations of health care facilities and emergency telephone numbers.

• Background notes on the Niagara Escarpment and the Bruce Trail Conservancy are included.

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