Message From the Publisher


Overhanging Point in Bruce Peninsula National Park

Hello to the 50,000 families who pick up this publication.

The Daytrip Companion started in 1997 with the notion that visitors need a map that shows ALL the roads. We made the map, then asked “what else do visitors want?”

We posed this question to information booth staff and their answers were clear. Visitors ask about shopping, the Bruce Trail, lighthouses, gardens, beaches, day planners, restaurants, public washrooms, fishing and scenic drives.

OK then. We’re on it.

The Daytrip Companion tries to anticipate the questions you will be asking, and tries to answer them without a lot of hype.

Our long term goal is to help you find ALL the ways you can have fun on the Bruce Peninsula, especially the ones that are FREE. We will add more information, photos and features as they become available. Check out

How are we doing? Did we steer you wrong? Did we leave something out?

Did you find something out the hard way that we could have warned you about? (Thankyou to last year’s readers who suggested corrections to our map.)

Did we miss a fine experience, a superb lookout, a perfect picnic spot?

Please let us know. Help us make next year’s Daytrip Companion the best it can be.

We can be reached at or Tobermory Press, Box 89, Tobermory, Ontario, N0H 2R0.

We wish you sunny days, gorgeous sunsets, blooming orchids and bald eagles overhead.

All the best from the Staff at Tobermory Press/Bruce Peninsula Press.